Tuesday, April 21, 2009

love is a ghost

Love is a ghost that haunts me; like a breath of cold air. Insubstantial, hard to describe, but definitely there. What keeps me here, alone in the crowd, thinking mad thoughts while they rush around?

Love is a cage that tames me. I’ve put myself in chains even as I dream wild dreams of running free again. Love keeps me here, alone in the crowd, struggling to free myself, holding myself down.

Love is a shadow that follows me; inextricable. What would it be like without it, dark and inexplicable? It keeps me here, afraid to leave, though my impatience beats with every heart beat.

Set me free, release me, for heaven's sake you're suffocating me. And I’m so afraid that you’ll want to leave me.

Love is a cliché that taunts me; its words are so abused. I want to tell you I love you, but you’ll only be confused. Your well worn words can’t placate me and I should leave before you hate me, but…

Love is my life; it’s the very air that I breathe. And I’m afraid of losing it, should I ever speak. Those over-used words won’t see us through. I’m longing to be free and yet still - loving you.

Set me free, release me, for heaven’s sake you’re suffocating me. Let me love you, please leave me be. Please let me love you and still be me.

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