Friday, May 22, 2009

twitter story: Undone

So I've been thinking some more about the possibilities of writing on/for twitter. Have been reading some twitter novels. I don't want to commit to an entire novel of tweets - firstly because I think it's very hard to sustain interest in such an episodic form for that long. Secondly because I'm already writing a novel (in a more traditional form) and don't want to get distracted from that.

So I've decided to go for something more concise. A murder story, because I love them, and one with magic in it, because I love those murder stories best of all. It's also, as it turns out, a love story!

Anyway, my plan is to tweet the story in 140 tweets, over 31 days, starting today. I'll also post the story up here, as it progresses along, so it can, eventually, be read all in one go.

The title of the story is UNDONE. Here goes....

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