Friday, May 22, 2009

UNDONE: Episode 01

1: “Emergency services, how can I help you?”
“My girlfriend, she’s hurt, she’s bleeding badly…”
“OK, we need to stop that, here’s what you do…”

2: But the bleeding doesn’t stop & here I sit on a plastic chair in a hospital corridor, with the sounds & smells of sickness all around me.

3: A tall man in a white overcoat walks reluctantly towards me. “I’m no good at this,” he begins, as though it mattered.

4: Later: I’m in an anonymous, windowless room, with a CCTV camera in the corner, catching my every move. My interviewers are gentle with me.

5: “And you have no idea who would attack her?”
“Dear God, no, Sass was beautiful, amazing…”

6: Eventually, they let me go, when they realise I have nothing more to say.

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