Sunday, May 24, 2009

UNDONE: Episode 02

7: Later still: I’m at home, staring at the dark screen of the TV, at my dim reflection trapped inside.

8: There’s nowhere to be, nothing to do and I’m too exhausted to cry, so I just sit and stare at my lone self, silently screaming.

9: I go to the bathroom, wild thoughts of blades & pills running through my head. But I haven’t the courage & I stare at my reflection instead.

10: The magic that she taught me comes back to haunt me, the sigils of her spell still carved into the mirror’s edge.

11: “Show me what I need most to see,” the two-edged spell commands. Typical of Sass, to leave me such a bittersweet gift.

12: The mirror mists & then clears & I no longer see my reflection. Instead the mirror is like a TV screen, showing the first time that we met.

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