Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UNDONE: Episode 03

To read the complete story so far, go here:

13: This, then, is what I most need to see. That moment in the crowd, when those haunting witch-green eyes caught mine.

14: “You will be undone” she whispered with a smile & I stared after her as the crowd swallowed her up, my husband tugging my hand, urging me on.

15: Just a brief glance of a perfect stranger, but if ever there was proof she was a witch, it was this – she’s haunted me ever since.

16: All I could see were her piercing green eyes while I toiled on the treadmill of my humdrum life.

17: I wanted only to see her again, to find out, at least, her name. But I had work and marriage and family… I searched for her wherever I went.

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