Saturday, June 6, 2009

UNDONE: Episode 16

For the story so far, go here:

67: I’ve lost track of the days. I spend them lost in the mirror’s spell or asleep. I no longer see my reflection, the mirror tuned to my need.

68: I see only her, our memories, all our times together. Those glorious times after I’d left my husband, the first heady days of our affair.

69: My friends & family shunned me, took his side. I didn’t mind, we were alone in our own cocoon. I wasn’t content, but I was fiercely happy.

70: I stand and watch the memories pass by in the magical mirror – her last gift to me, her last spell. Showing me what I most need to see.

71: Going right back to the beginning again - the first time we slept together & I see my agony all over again. Afterwards she asked me my name.

72: “Alexis”, I answered and she laughed, but wouldn’t tell me why.

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