Friday, June 19, 2009

UNDONE: Episode 29

The story so far:

127: They find the death-stone, so fragile and yet so deadly, her gift to me. “Use it only on someone you really hate,” she said.

128: Did she know, when she gave it to me? Did she know there was only one person I ever truly loved, only one I could ever truly hate?

129: Did she want me to do it? I don’t know and the question tears at the ragged edges of my mind, crippling me with headaches.

130: Why did she give the death-stone to me? The courts don’t care. There’s no one to speak for me and I’m not able to speak for myself.

131: I am silent when they find me guilty, silent when they condemn me to life. Silent while the cameras flash. I’m the story of the hour.

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