Tuesday, January 12, 2010

yellow observation

The guy with yellow hair and yellow eyes, holding a sign, asking for money for psych meds. Another guy sits on the kerb next to him and they chat a while. Then Yellow leaves, returning shortly with a bottle in a paper bag, which he gives to the other guy.

They talk a while. A third guy with an afro comes up and berates the bottle guy, which Bottle takes offence at. Afro leaves, shortly followed by Bottle.

Afro returns alone. Yellow - who's ignored him so far - greets him warmly. Afro gives him a dollar and the two leave together, in the same direction that Bottle went, leaving behind Yellow's rucksack and a tomato.

Yellow returns alone a few minutes later, with a coffee and a smile, and takes up his sign, flipping it over so that it's now asking for money for art supplies.

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