Wednesday, May 26, 2021

mentally unwell

I know you mean well
When you call her mentally unwell
And say in all sincerity that she needs help .

That's very generous of you
In the face of her ranting abuse,
But hatred isn't uncontrollable - 
It's how she tries to control you. 

I am crazy, I am mad, 
I am mentally unwell. 
But I don't hate and I won't hurt you - 
I only hate and hurt myself. 

Many of us are crazy, but we aren't cruel - 
Except, of course, to ourselves. 
She knows exactly what she is doing. 
She can help herself. 

So call her hateful, call her hurtful, 
Call her anything else. 
But please, don't call her 'mentally unwell'. 


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